POST-SQUAT NL at 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

4/20/12 – 8/19/12

Test Site Rotterdam, Schieblock, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Schiekade 189, 3013 BR)

5th IABR featured selected projects from 2011 POST-SQUAT NL course and workshop – “TRAVEL ROTTERDAM,” “sur_URBAN LAYER,” “POST-SQUAT PAKHUISMEESTEREN,” and “SQUATTABLE ARTWORK & SQUARES.”  In addition to the drawings, collages, and models, the exhibit also featured full size tests of “TRAVEL ROTTERDAM” units, and a diagrammatic installation of  “sur_URBAN LAYER.”

On Think Tank from IABR website –“As part of the Test Site Rotterdam, the Think Tank is currently exhibiting projects developed by local stakeholders, cultural and educational institutions, and design practices that test these new models and tools for ‘making city’. The exhibit includes drawings, models, as well as full-scale interventions throughout the Test Site. The Test Site Think Tank provides the opportunity to explore new models and tools for the city. For this we use the method of a ‘sabbatical detour’. Outside the conventions of planning, we initiate experimental research in design. “

Other participants include  Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Versaille, TU Delft, Inside Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, and The Fresh Foundation.

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POST-SQUAT NL exhibit in A+A gallery

Before squatting became illegal in Holland, a squat was deemed lawful when a table, mattress, and lamp were placed in a space which had been vacant for at least one year. In addition to exhibiting work from the workshop, a part of the exhibition space for the A+A gallery show was dedicated to a controlled programmatic indeterminacy utilizing the same furnishing elements, allowing for a semi-informal use of the table and the mattress. Visitors were invited to freely use these areas productively, which included meetings, production of any work, and other social functions. The work explores the area in-between rigidly prescribed program and undefined multi-functionality, as a curated and designed condition.

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POST-SQUAT NL presented to the City of Rotterdam officials and invited to participate in the 5th IABR (International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam).

The presentation to the municipality was well received, and based on the final projects, POST-SQUAT NL is invited to participate in next year’s 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. The 2012 edition of the Biennale is titled “Making City” and actively engages sites in Rotterdam, Sao Paulo, and Istanbul.

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POST-SQUAT NL Dag van de Architectuur Exhibition, June 24th – July 12th

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Dag van de Architectuur exhibition opening

The exhibition opening took place the second floor at Schieblock, and moved to the ground level street facade / event space the next day. The exhibition was featured during “Dag van de Architectuur,” a “Day of Architecture” organized by the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects(BNA).

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Workshop Final Review at Schieblock

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Students’ Work in Progress

The student work elicited an interesting conversation from the invited critics. The projects covered a diverse range of topics, as well as many interpretations of the “post-squat” term created for the course. Although intended to be a very precise term, it is developing into several meanings, which has interesting potential for the direction of the works.

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